Release v0.9.0 notes

November 18, 2023 by qbart ‐ 1 min read

Newest release adds UI with simple authentication. UI allows to exececute actions and browse (in a very limited form for now) database metadata.

Consider following action:

action "db" "create" {
  description = "Create database"

  arguments {
    arg "name" {
      description = "Database name"

    arg "user" {
      description = "Database user"

  sql = "CREATE DATABASE {{  }} OWNER {{ .Args.user }}"

Action description is a new attribute and is required.

Normally action would be run with:

krab action db create -name animals -user api

But now you can deploy krab as a service. It will expose UI on http://localhost:8888 (you can use ready to use docker image).

In order to enable http basic authentication you need to set environment variables:


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