Resource arguments

Some resources accept arguments block that allows to parametrize command.

Arguments blocks are optional and can expand configuration in a flexible ways.

resource ["label" ["label"...]] {
  arguments {
    arg "one" {
      description = "Some argument description"

    arg "two" {
      description = "Argument with specified type"
      type        = "string" # default
  • arg "name" - argument name
  • description - summary of an argument
  • type - currently can only be a string type
  • arguments are required to pass into command

Arguments usage

Krab uses Go lang templates to replace values. For full documentation refer to official documentation. For arguments support refer to specific resource documentation.

Arguments are not quoted by default unless stated otherwise ⚠️.


sql = "CREATE SCHEMA {{ quote_ident }}"

All arguments must be prefixed with .Args.

Built-in functions

There are built-in functions that allow to operate on arguments before final template is rendered.

  • quote_ident - quotes identifiers in database, for example: table/column names
  • quote - quotes values in database